ESTRO designs and manufactures electronic transfers for new presses and for existing presses too.

The transfers are composed by:

– N.2 mechanical main groups (n.1 group endowed with minimum n.2 servomotors e n.1 group endowed with minimum n.4 servomotors)

–   N.2 bars, made by aluminium, divided into three parts (idle, central and driven bars)

–   N.4 supports for bars installed on moving bolster (manual or automatic change)

–   Control panel

–   Electrical cabinet

The ESTRO electronic transfers are supplied in N° 3 different types:

  • U-3 type
  • D-3 type
  • DU-3 type

The differences between these three types consist into layout of mechanical groups:

  • Mechanical groups installed on outer surface of press uprights on top = U3 type
  • Mechanical groups installed inside the press uprights on bottom = D3 type
  • N°1 mechanical group assembled inside the press uprights on bottom ( entry side ) and other installed on outer surface of press uprights on top ( exit side ) .

Each group drives, by N° 6, 8 or 12 servomotors, the transfer bars according 3 axis X, Y, Z: Feeding/Return, Opening/Camping and Lifting/Lowering.

The transfer bar connection can be manual or automatic by clamps.

The transfer bar motion is synchronized, instant by instant, to press slide motion. In this way it is obtained a perfect simulation of a mechanical transfer with flexibility of an electronic transfer, canning adjust strokes, speeds, accelerations, angles, etc.